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Dr. French

E. Shane French, M.D.

Dr. Shane French, Board Certified Gynecologist from New Orleans, joins Dr. Hopkins in bringing a new dimension to Hopkins Dermatology.

Dr. French’s focus will be on women and men’s anti-aging treatments and procedures. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, such as long-acting hormone pellets, as well as the vaginal laser, IntimaLase* and Incontilase* will be part of her treatments.

What is IntimaLase*?

This is a unique YAG laser therapy for incisionless, non-invasive photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal which helps with vaginal dryness. There is no virtually no pain and no downtime. As women naturally age, the structure of the vagina changes, becoming dryer and less flexible. The Fotona SmoothXS laser treatment stimulates the production of new collagen, restoring tone and structure to the vagina.

What is IncontiLase*?

This non-invasive laser therapy for the treatment of mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence is based on non-ablative photothermal stimulation of collagen neogenesis, shrinking and tightening of vaginal mucosa tissue and collagen-rich endopelvic fascia, and subsequently creating greater support to the bladder. This procedure is for women who experience urinary leakage with coughing, sneezing or laughing. Preliminary clinical studies show that it is an efficient, easy-to-perform and completely safe method.

In addition to laser treatments, Dr. French will be addressing the need for hormone replacement and adjustment in both women and men. Because each person is unique, Dr. French tailors each patient’s hormone therapy on blood hormone levels. Managing the hormonal fluctuations that take place during menopause can be quite a challenge. Reaching an appropriate balance with the help of your doctor is key to your health and well-being. Hormones in the second half of our life affect the body in many ways – fatigue, body fat, depression, sleeplessness, hot flashes, mood swings and decreased libido. By not addressing the symptoms, and left untreated, your life style can be drastically compromised. As a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Tufts University Medical School with twenty-three years of practice, Dr. Shane French brings a fresh insight into the second half of the lives of women and men.