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Start Fresh, Start Young — Teens

It is never too early to begin a program of active and balanced skin care. The ways to clear skin are not that difficult. With a regular regimen you will go towards and maintain a beautiful complexion.
Proper hygiene and cleansing with Dr. Hopkins customized regimen.
(Mild cleansers and absolutely no scrubbing)
Clarisonic Brush for cleaning up to 6 times more effectively than with a cloth.
Nutrition and hydration play a big part in the well being of your skin. Dr. Hopkins will have specific recommendations.
Prescription topicals for flare ups.
Blue Light for Acne kills bacteria that causes acne. Sessions are $50 each or can be purchased in a bundle for significant savings.
Exfoliation and facials including extractions to unclog pores.
MD Minerals Pressed & Baked Powder

Madison is an actual patient of Dr. Hopkins. She is the face of MD Minerals.