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Ages 30+

  1. Consult with Dr. Hopkins to maximize skin care products for face, neck and body
  2. Target frown lines and wrinkles caused by daily expressions such as worry lines and crow’s feet. Treatment sessions every 4 months to maintain result:
    $15.00 per unit
  3. Dysport™
    1 Area = $325
    2 Areas = $475
    3 Areas = $650
    4 Areas = $800
    Touch Ups = $12
  4. Begin filler treatments to minimize lines around lip area and fill thinning lips:
    Great choices for medium to fine lines and lip augmentation.
    1 Syringe = $725
    Each Additional = $500

*These treatments are completed in one hour sessions using 1-3 syringes to achieve desired results. A follow-up session is scheduled in 10-14 days to allow Dr. Hopkins to check results. Results last up to 12 months.
(Additional fees may apply)

  • Begin IPL photofacials to stimulate collagen, even out discoloration and treat rosacea/acne. (Click here for Lasers and Lights)


Jennifer is an actual patient of Dr. Hopkins. She received the following services and/or used the following products: microdermabrasion facial, Restalyne®, TNS Essential Serum.