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Ages 20+

  1. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hopkins to begin a customized physician grade skin care regimen with antioxidants, sunscreen and retinoids.
  2. Cleanse with a Clarisonic Brush twice daily to reduce pores and maximize cleansing
  3. Blue Light Treatment for Acne Flares (See Laser and Lights)
  4. Laser treatments for removal of unwanted hair growth, especially underarm, legs, and bikini areas
  5. Microdermabrasion facials for deep cleansing and exfoliation
  6. Monthly facial and light exfoliating peels to keep skin soft and supple

Arabella is an actual patient of Dr. Hopkins. She received the following services and/or used the following products: microdermabrasion facial, Avene Antirouge cleanser, Prevage MD.